Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Surprising New TV Genres

This tv season has seen the introduction of two new tv genres, which is a bit surprising since it seems like the only genres that work on TV are law procedurals or medicine procedurals.

The first is the half an hour romantic comedy. I can't really think of previous examples. But there's  a ton this season. Manhattan Love Story is the most obvious (each episode feels like a Meg Ryan movie--the star is very Meg Ryan-ish), but also Selfie, Marry Me, A to Z.

The other new genre (which is not that surprising given the recent box office success) is the live action superhero show, which has always been around (notably the Adam West Batman), but there are like a dozen this year,  from recent years Arrow and Shield, to Gotham, Constantine, Daredevil, Flash, Powers (my favorite comic series)


James Lin said...

I'd say it's more of a foray into less-explored TV genres; they're not new and aren't being introduced. Do Mad about You or Sex in the City qualify as romantic comedies? There certainly have been plenty of live-action superhero shows (in addition to the 1960s Batman show, off the top of my head there were the 1990s Flash, Adventures of Lois and Clark, Heroes, The Cape, and Smallville).

James Lin said...

I probably should have said that a couple of less conventional TV genres have become more prevalent recently.