Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Reviewlet: Les Miserables

Agree with nytimes curmudgeon Manola Dargis, Anne Hathawawy's performance was absolutely breathtaking, and the rest of the movie, just felt a bit too long and exhausting. Interesting to compare the movie format to theater. The movie took the extreme close up to an even more intense level, with every solo having the actor's face take up full screen, sometimes even partially cutting off the face, this was especially imposing on imax. this worked intensely well for some (notably Hathaway, but also for Marius and surprisingly Seyfried), but less well for the others (notably Jackman who just didn't work for me). Not generally a fan of Amanda Seyfried, but aside from Hathaway, she really was a standout, elevating the normally boring forgettable role of Cosette and, walking the fine line for those high soprano runs between fluttering and shrieking.

Also interesting coming back to les mis, its been over 15 years since last seeing it, and new things resonate, from the wasted energies of the student, to how universal some things are with echoes of Tienanmen and student revolutions today, to the relationship between Valjean and Cosette.
Final Grade: A-

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