Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why is Dungeons and Dragons still fringe?

This time magazine article poses an excellent question "Why is Dungeons & Dragons still considered a fringe subculture after all these years?" after all "In a world where The Hobbit‘s biggest competition for being the most successful movie of the year is Marvel’s The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, that seems almost unbelievable."

I've been sort of shocked recently overhearing a couple senior colleagues talking about HBO's Game of Thrones (my favorite fantasy book back from college) as well as a bunch of old ladies on the train talking about it at length, and reading Amy Poehler's paean to it in Entertainment weekly, (not to mention my mom). That the Hobbit has been hugely anticipated by pretty much everyone except me (doesn't 3 movies seem way too much? and doesn't the commercials just look like lord of the rings retread?). All this makes the question sound plausible.

Though this trend is still a little worrisome. I wandered into the new comic book store near my hip brother's apartment in Brooklyn and instead of finding the safe haven refuge that comic book stores serve as for nerds everywhere, I instead found a hipster fedora'ed salesclerk selling emo comics off stylish sparse scandinavian furniture to girls in skinny jeans with the super hero comics relegated to a small corner in the back. That disturbed me to the core as I backed out slowly then turned around and ran.

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