Thursday, November 01, 2012

Why Bloomberg's endorsement is wrong and Nixon going to China

In Bloomberg's endorsement of Obama today, he cites climate change as a key factor in favoring Obama over Romney. Yet as Romney's record in Massachusetts shows, he has largely the same personal views on climate change as Obama. Sure Romney has tacked right on that issue in the past 4 years to appease his party, but so too has Obama, largely ignoring the issue for the past 4 years and all throughout the campaign.

And actually if you really do care about climate change, Romney may have a better chance of getting something passed. There's an old Vulcan Proverb: only Nixon can go to China, referring to the fact that Nixon was able to Nixon was better able to restore relations with China than say the Democrats because of his anti-communist reputation. Similarly, Clinton was able to get welfare reform passed by bringing Democrats over to a Republican issue. In the same way, Romney may have a better chance pulling together a bipartisan majority of Republicans (who will follow because he's a republican) and Democrats (who care deeply on the issue) on the issue of climate change than a Democratic president could.

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