Friday, May 04, 2012

Keynote on Online Education

Lots of articles (e.g. David Brooks, Vassar's president on NPR) all of a sudden in the past couple days on online education. The timing just struck me since I just gave the keynote a couple weeks ago at Vassar's Teaching with technology forum talking about the economics of online education and some of my personal experiences teaching for's faculty project. My basic thoughts were just that education always suffers from Baumol's cost disease (e.g. a Mozart sonata that took 4 musicians 4'17" to produce 200 years ago still takes 4 musicians 4'17" today, while a farmer produces several orders of magnitude more food today than 200 years ago). Online education could change that, and thus I have been using to learn about it, though I don't think the high-touch liberal arts education is going away any time soon.

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