Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Magic, Faith and Science

Here's a nice post by Stanley Fish (who I often disagree with) about the similarities between Science and Religion that seemed to cause a lot of controversy. Both rely heavily on faith, and both are suited to answering life's problems, just different problems.

This is something I talk about when talking about the science of climate change. People always wonder about the power of climate change deniers, but I ask how people can be so certain that climate change is real, and the implicit faith they have in the sources of knowledge they trust. People believe that as "rational thinker" they can tell science from non-science, but really when examined, most of what people know they take on faith.

Much of my thinking on this was shaped by comic books, and specifically Alan Moore, (and indirectly by post-modernism ala Foucault) so it is nice to see the philosophical basis of the same ideas. That science and magic can be equally real and depend on our beliefs.

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