Sunday, January 08, 2012

Marvel wins 10 year federal court case to assert that mutants (e.g. the X-men) are not human.

There was a nice radio lab story about a recent court case where Marvel asserted that the X-men are not human--the irony being that the X-men story line is all about them fighting to be recognized as human.

The reason for the court case is that human shaped dolls (e.g. Barbie) are taxed at 12%. While non-human shaped dolls (e.g. Furbies) are taxed at 6%. So Marvel was fighting for X-men dolls to be classified as non-human.

The important economic point is just to highlight the inefficiencies and the dead weight loss (e.g. court fees, but also too many xmen and too few barbies being sold, as well as the lobbying costs) from the arbitrary import duty system.

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