Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NYC Food Recommendations

A friend recently asked for food recommendations in NYC. These were my thoughts:

Yes the highline is a good bet. That's our standard go-to place for out of town guests. Other places to eat around there is Chelsea Market (home of the food network), Soccarat (only place I've gotten good paella outside of Spain), Mary's Fish Camp (creative fish shack). There's also Spotted Pig (the original NY gastropub, by April Bloomenfield, though we like her two new places both in the Ace Hotel in midtown better (John Dory for seafood and the Breslin for more pub-y food). 

The NYTimes recently recommended one of the Momofukus as the most definitive "only in NYC" restaurant experience these days and I would tend to agree. dishes can be hit or miss, but still a unique experience.

for expensive-ish but but not crazy expensive and relatively easy expectations, I like Marea (great italian seafood place, especially love its pasta in central park south), and Aldea (for contemporary Portuguese near the highline sortof--its chef Sam Mendes was on top chef masters--for that matter the winner of top chef masters has Red Rooster up in harlem for Ethiopian-Scandinavian fusion which I haven't been to, though I used to like his earlier restaurant Aquavit a decade ago)

for super haute, I used to love Blue Hill, haute place on John D Rockefellar's farm one hour north of the city, for the ultimate in farm to table cuisine, we've gone 3-4 times now, and last time unfortunately was a miss, so its lost its luster a bit. its also lost its buzz although for a while it was a contender for best in the US.

amongst the 3 michelin starred places, in the city, i sort of like le Bernardin, R- I think prefers Per Se. 11 madison park is the new kid in town and maybe the most innovative. Jean-georges for me has always been an old standby and still solid after maybe nearly a dozen visits... 

wd-50 is the city's molecular gastronomy stop, but that's sort of old hat by now.

plus lots of hot places in the lower east side and the village as well as brooklyn and queens that have gotten buzz recently that we're just not as familiar with. contemporary-filipino seems to be one emerging trend...

Hope that helps.

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