Tuesday, October 25, 2011

college nostalgia

Reading Ready Player One reminded me of Real Genius, which was set in a Cal Tech like school, but still was the reference of what I was in the back of my mind at least when I got to MIT as a freshman. Which in the end, like most of the campus with the exception of the media lab, felt decidedly normal. Though thinking about it now, if you strung together the highlight reel, it wouldn't seem that different--a friend turning orange as he experimented with vitamin supplements; we often seemed to have liquid nitrogen around that people stole from their lab used for shattering vegetables or making jello shots; filling a pumpkin every halloween with gasoline, sneaking to the roof and tossing it off setting it on fire; speed chess marathons with the constant clicking of chess clocks, talking until the sun comes up about topics ranging from free will to building a gravity powered train through the center of the earth; and the constant buzz of start-up machinations at the height of the dot-com boom. Good times.

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