Monday, September 12, 2011

why time warner cable sucks

Finally got our 4th new cable box, in about as many months. I finally decided to replace the old Scientific Atlanta cable box, which we've had for years (the store is just a 2 blocks from where we live), as the old box would regularly only record half of shows, and was ridiculously slow, fast forwarding or rewinding or just changing channels. Figured summer when no new shows were airing and our dvr queue was as empty as it was ever going to be, was a good time. And we were told there are new model cable boxes available.

Hoping for an upgrade that an earlier salesman had promised me, but the store said they only stock the old used scientific atlanta boxes, I was still relatively happy with the new box (Box 2), for about a week, things worked well until it crashed and would not recover from a reboot. Figured calling a technician (using the online chat which I do really love) would get us a  better box, but instead it got us the same old Scientific Atlanta model. Box 3, worked pretty well except every day or so, one of our DVRed shows would only record the first minute. Sort of annoying when you are forced to miss episodes.

So finally, I went to the store, fortunately, someone else was in there trying to score one of the new black samsung boxes, so the stock guy was out, and he promised to hide a couple in back for us. I went back to the store, and amidst lots of people swapping out boxes, I alone was able to walk out with a shiny new samsung box (though the clerk tried giving me another scientific atlanta box, until I insisted the stock guy had stashed one for me).

Things seem to be working for now... relatively snappy. I appreciate that these boxes allow software upgrades, but the old boxes that seem over a decade old can't handle the current software, not to mention failing hard drives.

Makes the idea of cancelling cable altogether like I did in Ithaca sound more and more attractive. You can buy a lot of shows on iTunes for the $1,500 a year we are forking over. Not to mention netflix streaming.

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