Friday, September 30, 2011

Reviewlet: Spider man : the musical

Surprisingly (or not) Spiderman's already half priced at tkts, so after Anything Goes sold out minutes before we got there, (an hour before curtain) we got Spiderman instead.

And surprisingly, the musical really was as bad as everyone said it was. Like any origin story, the prologue was slow and tedious. The music was mostly forgettable, like all the b-side U2 songs that never get played. The much vaunted flying was surprisingly boring, and compared quite unfavorably to even the first movie (I guess that would be impossible to live up to) or say Cirque du Soleil, mostly just people swinging back and forth slowly on long ropes, with no sense of speed or acceleration. The only redeeming feature was the sets (Julie Taymor lived up to her hype on that one) which were probably the most clever I've seen out of many clever broadway sets. Nice use of video, and skewed geometries that nicely capture the juxtaposed 2d-3d representational tension inherent in the comic book form (how's that for BS) with deeply skewed viewing angles. Costumes a bit silly, (Adam West Batman style homage to 4-color comics, but worked). And the big finale worked ok, since it really is Amazing to see people fighting midair above you. So I left satisfied but mostly a meh experience.

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