Saturday, September 10, 2011

combat hospital on ABC

The new abc summer  filler show, looked to be a MASH meets Grey's Anatomy replacement, basically Afghan military hospital, but the multi-racial cast, with several asian and indian doctors (impressively realistic) and mutl-national cast, and the damn earnestness quickly demonstrated its Candian provenance. (impressively, this is the first non-American show I can think of that airs without adaptation on a US network)

The fascinating thing is the show is often about allocation of scarce resources, where often the right decision is to let somebody die in order to save the greatest number of lives. This is very very much at odds with pretty much all American medical dramas where the right answer is always to do everything possible (see House or Grey's Anatomy of Star Trek) to save a single life.

An interesting reflection of the different health care systems.

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