Friday, July 15, 2011

The Economist on real chinese food

The economist magazine recently reminded people that most Chinese food you get in say an American Chinese restaurant is mostly American, and only partially Chinese, but that authentic Chinese food which used to be available on the Chinese only menu is becoming more common (one of my main motivations for learning to read Chinese is to be able to order from these menus). Most people are surprised that good real Chinese food is surprisingly hard to get in New York's Chinatown (you used to have to venture to Flushing where my grandmother lives to get the good stuff). Xian famous--as recently profiled by WSJ--is a good example, with the ABC business major son of the owner, helping the noodle stand to ride its feature on Anthony Bourdain's show which brought in people like R- and me, to build a food empire, expanding from its Flushing basement food stall, to shiny new holes in the wall in Chinatown.

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