Wednesday, June 22, 2011

latest star wars mmorpg trailer

What amuses me about the star wars cartoon is how it continues to use catch phrases from the original trilogy on a regular basis. "I have a bad feeling about this" etc. How many could there be to use in nearly every episode without getting old.

Though I guess catch phrases from the bible or Shakespeare have become part of our language so why not star wars.

I was amused but not surprised when even Nytimes movie critic ao Scott cited star wars as the most influential movie he ever saw as a kid (also unsurprisingly manolo dhargis cites is obscure French new wave films like trufault or Jules et Jim.)

What amused me about the latest trailer is how many scenes from the old trilogy they fit into a 6 minute clip from blasting out of the death star to navigating the death star trench to the
Turret guns in the falcon to the death of kenobi to vaders force duel with space debris to the roguish smuggler. And while it was blatantly obvious the appeals to nostalgia were surprisingly powerful in making me want to buy this game.


Anonymous said...

Eh, they took a bunch of elements from the movies (including the prequels) and slapped them all together. It feels especially cheap that they didn't bother to change anything; the surrogate Star Destroyers and stormtroopers look pretty much the same. What's "old" about the Old Republic?

HoBs said...

i guess its a fine line. you don't want to veer too far off or its no longer star wars. also, they also have all the kotor games they have to be faithful to now as well.

sinreal11 said...

How many could there be to use in nearly every episode without getting old swtor credits swtor credits