Friday, August 27, 2010

iphone4 cloth case and materiality subversion

I got my new "free" iphone 4 case, (basically apple's I'm sorry case) finally after a several week wait. It does seem to solve the reception issues so far, though it adds bulk so I'm not sure if I will keep it.

Instead of the bumper which just looked clunky, I got the Speck cloth case.

I sort of like it because it subverts our notions of materiality much like the fur covered rotary phone I saw at some museum a few years ago--like how the iphone4 subverts our notion of phone by being a phone that can't make phone calls. 21st century electronics are expected to be smooth/plastic/glass/metal/cold rather than fabric/soft/fuzzy/warm.

Been watching "Work of Art", Bravo's Project Runway/Top Chef spinoff into the art world, so that's amped up my art b---s--- level. I actually like the show in the end and am amused at how it follows their previous shows almost scene for scene, just with contemporary art rather than fashion or food as its subject.

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