Thursday, July 22, 2010

Travel Time Map

Something I'd like to see would be a map of say the United States, where one inch on the map does not represent miles, but rather minutes of travel time (say as measured by google maps driving calculator). I think about this in terms of New York when people think about agglomeration economies, and the benefits of cities in bringing ideas and people into close proximity, yet in terms of travel time, New York City is not so small. You can travel clear across New Jersey in the time it takes to get from say where I live in the upper west side to my grandmother's house in flushing, Queens. So in such a map, New York City should be bigger than the state of New Jersey.

I've googled for this a bit, and have found such a travel-time map for say Japan, but not the US. Seems like a fun and easy enough project to take on.

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