Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Master of Electrical Engineering (Ha!)

Small victories.

Out 3 year old 42" Philips Plasma TV died a couple months ago. It was $2,000 new. Found out it'd cost like $500 to repair, while a new tv only costs $600 these days. Went online and found this is a common problem caused by bad capacitors. So we bought the new TV anyway, but not wanting to just throw this $2,000 tv away, I opened up the back myself.

Went to the radio shack (literally across the street from our apartment--which I only found out after searching on google maps), bought a soldering iron and solder for $10 (which I haven't touched in 13 years), ordered the replacement capacitors from online for $2 each, they arrived in two days. De-soldered, re-soldered:


To small victories.
(Bonus points if you can identify the popped caps in the photo.)

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