Sunday, June 13, 2010

The other World championship: Starcraft

Blizzard Starcraft with Brood Wars ExpansionSomeone just sent me this video for the Starcraft World Championship. I've maybe seen a game twice in the past 10 years.
I love how espn-lke the commentators sound.
Scary thing is I recognize a lot of the strategies,

* from the first corsair -> observer attack,
* the fact that dragoons are weak against small units,
* the dark templar probe anihilation
* the starter overlord scout

And that the jargon is still the same after all these years:

* cracklings - (speed and double attack upgraded zerglins) i was always a fan
* naturals (expansion)
* turtling
* gateway rushes
* cannon rush

I recognize the micromanaging (e.g. scourge vs corsair, and the probe vs probe micro), which i was never good at, hence my attraction to crackling.

Almost sad if the upcoming starcraft 2, kills the original starcraft. It'd be nice if it develops a timelessness like chess. I like how the game is exactly the same as I remember it.
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