Monday, December 07, 2009

Shameless Self-promotion: me on NPR

I don't sound as awful as I feared, but I was still too nervous to get through the thing without getting stuck on words. If they had only taped the conversation I had with the other guest (David Biello) while we were waiting in the green room. I was fine there.

The Takeaway: Why It's Not Easy Being Green

The Takeaway is unfortunately one of the new format public radio shows that tapes things live, and doesn't edit out stutters and umm's, as is typical for NPR (technically also, the show is a PRI show, not an NPR show but close enough). The only consolation was that the hosts got stuck over a couple words too while I was there.


dbiello said...

I thought you did fine. There's nothing worse than hearing your own voice on tape. Even worse on the radio. I'll look forward to many more conversations in future.

HoBs said...

Thanks. Great meeting you as well. Perhaps I'll see you in Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

You did great! I got the messages!