Saturday, September 26, 2009

The serious problem of global not-warming (or an application of prospect theory)

I was listening to another hysterical warning about global warming on the radio yesterday. Global warming sounds so much more dire when you frame everything as a loss. But what if you flipped things around.

Here's a new problem the world is facing: global not-warming. If we don't do something to stop the big moneyed special interests led by those like Al Gore who are intent on preventing the world from its current projected warming trend, the world will face the following according to the Nobel Prize winning UN IPCC:
  • $3.5 trillion of economic damages by 2030 (dwarfing the current financial crisis)
  • 50 million people thrust into poverty by 2030 (about equal to the population of France)
  • Shorter growing seasons in large parts of the world
  • Millions of deaths from diseases related to cold: hypothermia, the flu, etc.
  • Many new species would be lost as the course of speciation is altered
  • Less hospitable plant habitat around the world due to less carbon dioxide

All of this will happen if activists get their way, and the world caps carbon emissions as the IPCC recommends.

Now of course, all of this is likely outweighed by the problems associated with global warming, but it helps to put things into perspective, a perspective that is often lost.

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