Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the apotheosis of Thriller

Just an odd convergence, seeing Michael Jackson's video Thriller show up in the oddest places. NPR recently compared it to Spartacus. As well as my favorite online comic strip. But most surprisingly, R- and I made it to the opera last weekend (standing room tickets for $20!) and saw one of the oldest operas still performed, Orfeo et Eurydice, which amusingly, in addition to have a Greek Chorus that included people like Mao and Gandhi, also had as Orpheus descended into Hades, he was surrounded by a troop of dancers representing the dead spirits that I swear were using choreography taken directly from the vernacular pioneered by, you guessed it, the zombies of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

(and as an aside, Neil Gaiman seems to be doing pretty well going mainstream with a win for the Newberry award, along with the new Coraline movie)

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