Friday, February 13, 2009

Already the disillusionment

The Republican Senator who was tapped as Obama's Secretary of Commerce nominee pulled out, citing that he has to come to realize that he has irreconcilable differences with the President. I can see where Gregg's coming from. When Obama was elected, I like most everyone was hopeful and expectant of a new kind of politics. But the process surrounding the stimulus bill has felt a lot more like "more of the same" rather than "change."

Apparently I'm not alone. When both Paul Krugman and David Brooks are both disillusioned, that is a powerful message.

Though unlike those two., I remain sanguine and optimistic about the economy, perhaps Panglossianly so. Still, while I agree the stimulus package is probably far from ideal, I still think that government has minimal effect anyway, and the economy will right itself soon enough, I'm still predicting, in time for Obama to claim credit for an easy re-election. It may be a sucky year or so until then, but 2012 is plenty of time for the economy to recover.

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