Friday, January 02, 2009

Overcoming Brand Prejudice: Windows and Burger King

There is this longstanding stylized fact that although people prefer
pepsi to coke in blind taste tests, they prefer coke to pepsi when
they can see the logo; evidence of the power of brand.

Two recent examples of companies trying to overcome the power of brand.

1) Microsoft's Mojave experiment.So many people (including many I know when buying a computer) have decided without really trying it that Vista is bad, such is the negative power of the Microsoft brand, and the power of Apple commercials (the irony is that I personally have far more software crashes with my iphone than with Vista, and most mac users I know will reluctantly admit having their share of software problems and recently even viruses. So the Microsoft campaign is to have people try Vista without knowing it is Vista, and see their reactions.

2) Similarly, Burger King has tried the same. Whopper probably loses to Big Mac amongst consumers, but their new ad campaign "Whopper Virgins", by finding people who have never had either, never heard of either, people in remote countries, to offer their taste preferences, on the assumption that they are immune to the power of brand.

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rubymay said...

Great article, it just goes to show that brand prejudice is a major form of prejudice! :)