Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tv in 2008 Sucked

After what many were calling the best season for tv ever, we now seem to have the worst. I thought maybe it was just the shows I watch but others and magazines seem to confirm heroes has gotten off track, house has gotten tired, grey's anatomy has gotten eh, entourage as well.

New shows also. the first episode of hbo's much new touted perfect for my demographic, Trublood was awful. the new shows (half with the premise about talking to dead people) haven't really been interesting. i tried watching fringe, but it was eh. mentalist was ok, but again, just a new take on Numbers which is just a minor variation from the standard police/detective drama. all of the new stolen from UK shows seem to have flopped.

Of course, it could just be the end of the season. bsg and lost have not made an appearance.

Or it could be the aftermath of the writer's strike. or just a simple reversion to mean after a great year. or the economy?


James Lin said...

The Mentalist is a rip-off of Psych anyway.

2008 saw the series end to The Shield, which I thought was pretty good.

HoBs said...

true, everyone seemed to like the Shield. but i never got into that. partly cause i don't even know where FX is out my 1000 channels. and too much to get into. huh, never heard of psych. i guess USA's anotehr channel where i have no clue where it is.