Wednesday, December 10, 2008 The Brightest Are Not Always the Best

An interesting and somewhat potentially ironic column by Frank Rich, on the rise of the technocratic meritocracy in Obama's economic team. Rich warns that Obama's choice of the technocratic elite may not be the best for the country, as the elite may be out of touch with the concerns of everyday folk.

The contrarian in me has long made that argument in defense of Republican politicians, including Bush amongst others. The latest and perhaps most extreme example being Sarah Palin whereas everyone around me (even the McCain supporers) seemed to hate her, despite the fact that nearly half of americans thinks she's great.

It is ironic that Rich, who undoubtedly hates Palin, now raises the same argument to attack Obama's economic team.

It may be odd for me to be suspicious of the meritocracy, when I am a product of that system, and a highly ranked player in that game. But the skeptic in me has to ask whether it is the best way to run a country.

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