Monday, December 15, 2008

High School Drama on 20/20: A This American Life Knock Off

Watching 20/20’s Drama High: the making of a high school musical on ABC, which is the behind the scenes story of real high school musical. It is a blatant knock off of an early This American Life show, and not as good, but still such a great idea that I’m watching it anyway.

Reminded me though that that was the show that got me hooked not just on This American Life, but also on NPR. I hadn’t heard of either at the time (this was sometime in college), and my knowledge of talk radio was limited to bloviating talk show hosts like Rush or Imus. When I first accidentally flipped to the channel, the story telling style was totally foreign, but the honest portrayals of the little unheralded life stories that make life wonderful, the hallmark of This American Life has kept me hooked to this day.

(wow, that was from the first season of the show, which was I guess my freshman year back in 1996.)

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