Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heroes (somewhat) Redeemed

So Heroes, as part of the tepid Fall 08 tv season just ended its 3rd volume on an up note. Still not great, but reasonably rounded up the theme of volume 3, that there is a very fine line between good and evil, much better explored in Batman: the Dark Knight, and Frank Miller's original Batman Dark Knight Returns. Volume 4 looks to be a tepid rehash of the perennial X-men plot line of mutant registration == japanese internment / holocaust.

One upside is Ando's power is pretty cool. A meta-power. Aside from Sylar (which I've already said has a pretty genius power and perfect for the villain), Ando's is the only other power where I can't immediately name an X-men counterpart. It fits his personality, and augments in fundamental ways the power of others, like the crystals in Final Fantasy, but gives the writers a whole new set of powers to explore without needing to introduce new characters. Nifty.

(wow, I just passed my 200th post on blogger. though there were probably 50-100 more before I started using blogger and here, plus all the photoblog stuff)

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