Friday, September 05, 2008

Krugman out does himself

Sigh, and to think I used to admire Paul Krugman. I read many of his pop books in college, took his graduate class for a while as a junior though it was way over my head. Appreciating his even-handedness in explaining economics.

Politics really does bring the worst out of people. After reading perhaps one of the most contemptuous articles I've seen in a while--an anti-Palin screed by Judith Warner in the NY Times, I come across Krugman's equally contemptuous disdainful resentful anti-Republican screed, which paradoxically complains that Republicans have imagined this contempt from Democrats, when you just have to read anything written by Krugman in the past few years to see it.

See I really do like Obama, because it seems like (at least from his rhetoric) that he's better than that. He really doesn't seem to be contemptuous about the other side and he rightly chastised the McCain campaign for questioning Obama's patriotism. It's just much of his party I can't stand. At least around election time when people seem to make things so personal.

(Of course there are Republicans who are just as contemptuous about liberal elitists I'm sure, but I guess since I mostly read NY Times and NPR I'm never exposed to them)

(And for the record, much has been made about Bush's C average in college, but what is often forgotten is Nobel Prize winner Al Gore had a worse college record)

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