Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Slate on Cinematic Fight Scenes

There is a pretty awesome rundown in Slate magazine on fight scenes in movies, complete with youtube clips. Illustrates nicely the historical development, and chooses some nice exemplars.

From a charmingly quaint scene in Big Country from 1958:
  1. to Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon
  2. to the amazingly honest, Rangin Bull
  3. to the perfunctory action scenes of 80's style action ala Die Hard
  4. to the introduction of hong kong cinema
  5. to the "weightless acrobatics" of the Matrix, whom I have often cited.
  6. to the creative use of film making, without resorting to cheesy cgi of Bourne Ultimatum.
Also makes me want to see Oldboy (totally an 8-bit shooter homage)

Amusingly, the writer also calls Batman pop-Nietzchean. So it's not just me (my Wanted Review, my post on Batman Begins). And also overuses/misuses Platonic ideal like me (my review of Firefly, Diamond Age, Legally Blonde)

I love these Slate slideshows (often on architecture or art). Unlike NYtimes which just copies a print segment to the web, Slate really after so long, does demonstrate its original intent (back when it was founded by Microsoft), to really create a new kind of news, a multi-media news that is made possible only by the Internet. (Though to New York Times credit, their recent take on Google Maps Style mashups are pretty cool, like their review of Flushing eats for example.)
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