Friday, July 18, 2008

Wow: An Impressive amount of BS about the Dark Knight

So i have an annoying penchant for writing superhero reviews with excessive amounts of philosophizing bulls#@$ and grandiose grandiloquence and veritable verbiage. I tend to over-cite Nietzche and Plato a lot in my movie reviews.

As in my recent review of Wanted, or my use of the Hegelian dialectic while deconstructing Mallrats.

But I figure that's ok to be a bit mas@#$#@^tory in my writing, after all I'm only writing for myself.

So it was shocking to read MANOHLA DARGIS's new york times review of The Dark Knight which totally outdoes me in its bombastic self-indulgence (which says a lot).

Tossing around references to the Black Dahlia, Heat, Cirque du Soleil, 9/11, Zodiac,

And terms like "antiqued dystopia," "pop-Wagnerian," "postheroic" and "plesureably moody ressurection"

I must say, I was impressed.

And despite the review (or perhasp because of) I do indeed really want to see the movie.

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hcduvall said...

Boy, you haven't read David Denby lately.

Will Smith and Charlize Theron in Hancock: the Bogart and Bacall of superhero movies.