Thursday, June 26, 2008

Energy Policy Bashing

excerpted from a question posed to a friend/fellow energy policy wonk

so newspapers and presidential candidates have been unanimously bashing the bush administration on not having an appropriate energy policy. It seems like the policy they all want is some huge increase in government spending on energy research. Jeffrey Sachs was pushing for $30 billion a year.

so, that made me think about my own role in shaping current policy. I was asked repeatedly to provide a policy to fix energy, given unlimited funds. and repeatedly, the options i handed back took this $30 billion/year big push, off the table.

mostly because people at DOE and OMB told me that there just isn't the capacity. there aren't enough projects/researchers out there to spend that money.

And heck, the president's efforts to double research spending (over 10 years) was being blocked in Congress every year anyway.

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