Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stanford memories

A friend of mine was going to be spending time in Stanford recently. This is excerpted from an e-mail I wrote to her:

And good food at Santa Fe. I really like American Southwest food, and hard to get it in other parts of the country. While at Stanford, do take advantage of the food. Great Chinese food in Cupertino at the mall with the Ranch 99 asian grocery (far better than in San Francisco's Chinatown which is mostly relegated to tourists). And of course Napa valley with the great food and wine, French Laundry's perhaps overrated and too much trouble to get reservations, but Bouchon (also by chef Thomas Keller) is excellent and much cheaper. Nice to rent bicycles up there, and check out the wineries without worrying about excess inebriation. Stacks and Cafe Brioche are the best breakfast/brunch places near campus, and Thai Cafe is the best lunch place on campus, (their food is actually more vietnamese than Thai). If you haven't found it yet, look for the long lines in the downstairs courtyard by the math and psychology departments.

Good memories. Oh, and do walk "the Dish" a beautiful 5km loop on a high hill behind campus, and drive up to San Francisco along Skyline drive, atop the foothills through ancient forests right behind campus with numerous hikes along the way, or drive down south along the coast along highway 1, driving by Half Moon Bay, and Big Sur National Park, or as far as Los Angeles on what's called (and I agree) the most beautiful highway in America. Even highway 280 right by campus is quite beautiful especially early in the morning.

Ah, I miss Stanford.

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