Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Superhero memories

My cousin, A-, sent me an article about a recent panel discussion on superheroes which included the following question:

"...moderator Ben Greenman opened the discussion by asking all the panelists to recall their first superhero experience."

Good question. I guess the answer would have to be the Superman movies or maybe the Batman tv show. The first one in theaters was actually Supergirl I think, I can picture the empty grand old New York City theater with my father.

The first exposure to comics though, I have to credit to A-. I had read Gi Joe and Transformer comics before (because of the cartoons) or Archie and Jughead (because they were in supermarkets) but I think it was perhaps one of the X-men trades with Loki and the Norse pantheon that he lent me that got me hooked. I started collecting Uncanny X-men around issue 275 a special double issue, and the rest is history.

(Randomly, A- started collecting Uncanny X-men with the same issue)


James said...

I don't think it's that coincidental... Uncanny X-men #275 was a classic Jim Lee issue...

James said...

Oh, that was the one with the triptych cover, right? IIRC that was one of the first (if not *the* first) of the comic book gimmicks of the 1990s. So again, not too surprising.

James said...

(And yes, it's totally sad that I happen to remember useless trivia about comic books. WTF.)

HoBs said...

still random. even more random that you know this stuff.

recently came across a newly republished trade of Alan Moore's run on Wild CATS, which I read because of Jim Lee.

while part of it is trashy (a spawn wild cats cross over), all of it is good classic x-men style superhero. which hasn't aged super well, but still good for nostalgia.

and alan moore does put out some good stuff in there actually. (mostly when he entirely abandons the superhero genre)

HoBs said...

as in he uses the characters for Wild CATS but in stories which really had nothing to do with superheroes.