Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Superhero memories

My cousin, A-, sent me an article about a recent panel discussion on superheroes which included the following question:

"...moderator Ben Greenman opened the discussion by asking all the panelists to recall their first superhero experience."

Good question. I guess the answer would have to be the Superman movies or maybe the Batman tv show. The first one in theaters was actually Supergirl I think, I can picture the empty grand old New York City theater with my father.

The first exposure to comics though, I have to credit to A-. I had read Gi Joe and Transformer comics before (because of the cartoons) or Archie and Jughead (because they were in supermarkets) but I think it was perhaps one of the X-men trades with Loki and the Norse pantheon that he lent me that got me hooked. I started collecting Uncanny X-men around issue 275 a special double issue, and the rest is history.

(Randomly, A- started collecting Uncanny X-men with the same issue)
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