Friday, October 12, 2007

I almost won a Nobel prize...

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today to Al Gore and the IPCC, the UN Committee that puts out reports on the science of climate change. As the energy economist at the CEA, I was asked many times to help put out the latest draft of the IPCC report, but the request was denied by our chief staff because, rightly so, it would have taken up a lot of my time on tedious negotiations, which was considered too valuable.

Though even as one of the thousands writing for the IPCC, not sure if I'd count as a laureate, though MIT always counted its staff who were part of MSF (Doctor's without borders) in their Nobel Laureate count.


So as a nearly-Laureate, I want to take the opportunity to complain about the fact that Al Gore won as well. While I respect the IPCC, Al Gore pisses me off.

Not because he uses junk science and emotional scare tactics as even the New York Times does not dispute, but because he writes a book trashing everyone else for using junk science and emotional rhetoric, and then uses junk science and emotional rhetoric himself (as I have decried on this blog before).

Double Doh.

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