Sunday, April 29, 2007

heroes .07% = watchmen

Sigh. So I am hooked. A good show despite the fact that it simply recycles the same old plots from an entire genre of post-Watchmen comics. That superpowers if taken seriously could have interesting implications (also Busiek). Of course the Watchmen plot stealing was most blatant this week in 0.7% without quite the same power, oh well, hard to do subtlety like that in tv. (With some Lex Luthor overlay). But still does a good job, good production values, and brings it to a wider audience which can only be good for expanding the genre.

This new half-season is good to. Brings in nice (Ellis multi-generational conspiracy Planetary) overtones. Plus dozens of others that I'm sure I just miss.

Plus something that is rare in fantasy genre movies nowadays, that unlike star wars, harry potter, superman, etc, it is not noble birth, but anyone can be a hero (Ando, Bennett, Suresh...). That the institution matters. "When you need something big, you send the lawyers." It's the lawyers that are the source of real power, not some random genetic mutation.

Good stuff.
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