Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Gah... the temerity!

Gah. The already much abbreviated season of Battlestar Galactica ended last week with the words "Returning in 2008." Gah, the temerity. As far as I know, only the Sopranos had the gall to wait so long between seasons. 9 months at least. I guess it is a chance to allow dvd sales percolate and attract new fans, giving them a chance to catch up.

I did like the last episode (not as much as the episode that made me go Wow, this was more just Gah). Sort of ended in a very Kubrik/Clarke 2001 (echoed in AI) trippy sort of spacey way. The reveal was interesting, I wonder if it was planned all along, gives dedicated fans an excuse to rewatch earlier episodes. The social commentary was a bit much though. The points were good, I like how ALL of the characters are morally flawed, (As my cousin A- pointed out, having only watched the first two seasons, "Is there anyone in the show who hasn't committed treason"). The President's flawed righteous morality especially annoys me. So it is good for the show to acknowledge that point, but the soliloquies were a bit overlong and overmuch.

Anyway, so I wait.

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