Thursday, January 25, 2007

News Fads: Free Will is an Illusion

Given I subscribe to something like 8 magazines, I have noticed for sometime how news outlets tend to report the same stories at the same time, even when nothing new happened to trigger it. Whether it was too much homework for kids (bah!), or shark attacks, editors seize on an idea and you get a quick succession of simultaneous cover stories.

In the last month it has been free will and consciousness, though really not much has changed since my late night sophomoric debates as a college sophomore. I happened to get into a big debate about a couple months ago, and now out pop on the cover of time and the economist and prominent in the times.

New York Times: Free Will: Now you have it, Now you don't
Time: The Myster of Consciousness
Economist: I think, therefore I am, I think

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