Monday, December 18, 2006

Windows Vista vs OS X

The New York Times today has an annoying article today about how Vista is a rip-off of OSX. This is annoying because what no one ever notes is that OS X stole plenty from Windows 95, including opening folders in the same window, including the task bar. And desktop search, Google has had for some time.

But most annoying is the mac ads that all say Macs are better because they come packaged with lots of nifty stuff (like iphoto, imovie, etc...). Windows was moving in that direction, when anti-trust lawsuits instigated in part by Netscape and Apple forced them to stop, though of course that exact sort of "bundling" was part of Netscapes and Apples plans the whole time. Hypocrisy. (In A-'s words) Feh!

That said, Mac's are tempting. Many of my tech savvy geek friends have jumped on the bandwagon for the native Unix capabilities. If only they were lighter, I might have gotten one of their laptops, especially with the dual-boot option and just run Windows. Maybe my next laptop...

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James said...

Why dual boot? VMware, baby.