Friday, December 08, 2006

Studio 60 and the wide-eyed wonky post-cynical X-Mas spirit

Despite the show’s shaky start, I have started to grow fond of Studio 60. It is still the awkward bastard chimaera of West Wing’s plots and actors implanted into the backstage of a Saturday Night Live sketch comedy show, but the strange dissonant weirdness somehow appeals to the novelty seeking side of me.

It also still recreates a lot of what Sorkin did right in the West Wing. In Excelsis Deo, the first season Christmas episode, is regarded by many (including me) as possibly the best West Wing episode. Similarly, the Christmas episode of Studio 60 this week just worked.

Though fully acknowledging in Sorkin wonky style, the hypocrisy of a literal interpretation of Christmas, the show fully embraces the greater spirit of Christmas, as personified by the show’s Jewish headwriter, who becomes Christmas’ biggest advocate.

I know the show was saccharine cheesy, as it tried to find the nobility in all of its characters. But I liked that, the wide-eyed wonky post-cynical idealism, a picture not of the world as it is, but like West Wing, a picture of the world as it should be.

(plus the music rocked)

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