Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The NBC monday night line up.

On NBCs two new shows, Heroes and Studio 60.

Both got off to shaky starts, but i'm mostly hooked, on heroes certainly. Of course nothing new in heroes, for anyone who's read alan moore or any superhero comic book not set in the DC/Marvel universe. Yes, superheroes are human, and yes if you do take the concept of superpowers seriously, you get interesting things.

For a while I was surprised M. Night wasn't involved, until it occurred to me that its massive resemblance to unbreakable was just because the story line is just ridiculously cliched in the world of just mildly non-mainstream superhero comics.

But still cool to see on TV, taken seriously, plus it got a really good audience, might get useful memes out there. I was hooked.

studio 60 would be bad, except its just so weird, that maybe it works. It was basically a west wing episode (Down to the gilbert and sullivan adoration) except they just swapped out the sets. So i liked the west-wing-ish ness of it, but for a show about a saturday night live clone, Aaron Sorkin's not very funny. (that was the conclusio of the time magazine review i believe). i mean, according to the show's warped sense of reality, they became a smash hit with a parody of pirates of penzance. I, having seen more perforamnces of gilbert and sullivan than probably anyoen you know, still thought it was stupid.

but still, putting hard nosed social-commentary, snarky sorkin dialogue into a show about a satrday night live, must just be insane enough to work. probably not, but I'm willing to give them a shot.

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