Tuesday, August 01, 2006

UPDATE FINALLY! Goodbye Stanford

It’s funny that as I think back to my last days at Stanford, my first thoughts were of the great food I had. My drive here to Baltimore was delayed because of car problems, but in the end that was fortuitous because that gave me the chance to visit old favorites that I have been forgoing because of my penchant for cooking these past few years.

The rural classy John Bentley (with Mom and Andy who claims it is his favorite meal ever), the Peruvian Peruanas Estampas with Esther in Redwood City with the spicy garbanzo bean salsa and the red fizzy drink, the best local Mexican La Pachanga with Nageeb and Eric and their respective significant others, great breakfast pancakes with John Paul and Esther at Stacks of Menlo Park, the hip Zibbibbo sister restaurant in a renovated warehouse in the city with Wei-En, the Sunnyvale Indian buffet I first tried with Amita, Rik’s ice cream, Café Brioche, hip new Indian place with Sunil and Gopi, the Chinese food truck with Nancy and Lawrence, the Treehouse with Dave and Charlotte, the crappy Japanese place with William and Eric, the so-so Italian in Mountainview with Albert, the nice meal at 3 Seasons/Tamarind (I forget) with Chris Rohrs, Carlos' birthday dinner at 750 talking about mortgages and marriage with a bunch of economists, cami, etc, scott's birthday in the city with tina, the final bbq with Peter and Larry and others…

In the end, it’s not so much the food (which was great) but the great friends that I say goodbye to. As we spread out across the country, I hope we keep in touch. It’s only been a couple of months, and I miss you all.

At least it culminated nicely with a big dinner my mom set up at a fantastic Chinese banquet at Hong Kong Flower Lounge (good enough for R- to approve), where such events are often awkward to setup, and awkward to host, this was effortless. Thanks to my Mom, Andy, Esther, Eric, Julie, John Paul, Debbie, Amita, Albert and of course Romina.

(I have a huge backlog of blog entries. But all my time was sucked up by graduation and moving, and now by CEA job. Hopefully I’ll start updating this again soon.)


maryanne said...

*sniff sniff*

my little ben is all grown up. working! a job! and by the looks of this entry, getting nice and fat.


HoBs said...

heh. hopefully not. moved out to dc with not much time to exercise. california was good for that. forced me to get outside, do outdoorsey stuff. go jogging almost every day

but good, think i've adjusted to less exercise, eating less, though r- and i are doing pretty well cooking every night. made nice fresh pasta with fresh organic tomatos, extra virgin olive oils, cilantro, parmaesean. and then homemade turkey/pork/beef chili, topped with yogurt and shredded colby cheese


maryanne said...

whatever you say, fattie.

HoBs said...