Saturday, June 03, 2006

good morning

woke up this morning at 5:30am to take my friend a- to the airport and pleasantly surprised (this is the first time i've been up so early in non-city summer light) to exit my apartment to bright early morning sunlight and a dewy freshness that brought me back to my days in summer camps and laire (live action role playing sleep deprived weekends where we would emerge from being up all night in a post adrenaline haze)

driving down on 101, with sunlight over misty hills, and reminded to drive back on 280, (reportedly the most beautiful highway in america) one of my favorite things, is rt 280 in the morning, kinda pathetic, but beautiful, as Nwm would say, enveloped by the Green, through verdant tree filled valleys that taught me about the universality of aesthetics, and the benefits of low sunlight for rich yellows and pretty shadows learned from photography.

drove aimlessly up rt 280, listening to npr recounting the history of AIDS and the carpenter who became director of the MET opera with stunning opera music, stopped for gas in my old menlo park neighbhood, and for a coffee at starbucks (a habit i learned from R-), before returning home, and sitting outside my apartment, enjoying the birdsongs, the leaves rustling, the fresh morning air, and my ipod with an npr review of al gore's new movie.