Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reviewlet: X-men the last stand

Despite the critics' thrashing, the fanboy in me liked this movie, a lot. For someone who still owns at least 10 or so years of X-men comics, this movie gets it right. First and foremost, the mutant powers.

One specialty of the X-men comics has always been the team work and the comboing and complementary use of powers was exceptional.

Magneto and Pyro hurling flaming cars, Kitty Pride as the ultimate support character, Colossus with his new protect others ability, etc. And always, my favorite, the canonical "fastball special" of Colossus using Wolverine as a "smart" projectile.

And movie special effects have finally developed to make their super powers really worked. This was the first of the x-men films where Wolverine's healing was compelling. And Beast was true to form, and I thought casting frasier was genius, though his make up didn't quite work for me.

Like the previous movies, this one included lots of canonical x-men plot elements. Wolverine and Phoenix. Joss Whedon's plot line of the Indian scientist Kavita Rao discovering the mutant cure.

The movie again asks the interesting ethical questions that the X-men always asks. Revisiting the holocaust, ethnic persecution, and indirectly, homosexuality. Though it does so in unsophisticated ways, it's not bad for a superhero movie.

And minor spoiler. I am sure that despite the graves at the end, noone died.
One death was never seen, one (if you read the comic book you would know) can never die, and finally Xavier mentioned the braindead body during class for a reason. Of course there will be sequels.

Fourth highest grossing opening of all time. Like Da Vinci code, the people are ignoring the critics, for the better this time. The New York Times review by Manohla Dargis was clueless and stupid: "By the time Warren Worthington III soars over the Golden Gate Bridge, his white wings extended and evoking seraphic visions of "Angels in America," the metaphor of the persecuted minority has all but left the realm of the figurative."

Final Grade: A-

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