Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Randy Cohen - Ethical Moron

here is a very short list of people I don't like, even shorter after Noam Chomsky worked his way off of it, but I should add one more, Randy Cohen, the ethicist from the New York Times and NPR.

It is really extremely rare for me to ever read something that I cannot give at least some credence to. I am all about seeing all sides, and giving credit to differing points of view. Randy Cohen has the truly unique ability of saying something I find totally off base and irrational on nearly a weekly basis.

Mostly because of his righteous castigation of many opinions that I believe reasonable. How he equated illegal downloads with theft, with no hint of nuance. His complete rejection of any hint of utilitarianism. How he looked like a complete moron when he hautily dismissed the suggestion by a reader that the Business Reply Cards found in magazines are intended for new subscriber.

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