Tuesday, April 11, 2006

new york techno-flann

I took the early morning (5am) train from Baltimore to New York last week. Had an hour or so to kill before meeting up with family, so had a quick "techno-flann." Wrote the following while sitting in Bryant Park:

watched House on my laptop on the train ride up. took a nap.
got off at pennstation, turned on ipod, and people watched, fun to
watch the crowd.
arranged ride with mom via cell phone
checked for location of Banana Republic using googl via cell phone (there's a blazer I've vaguely wanted to get)
enjoying beautiful east coast springtime (a bit humid) enjoying the nice irony given all the rain in the bay area,
walked up 7th ave to times square enjoying food stands
saw nypublic library in sun-hazed distance, wound up in bryant park, with free google wi-fi!
so here i am writing this e-mail
beautiful beautiful morning, a nice diffuse new york haze. convinced me i should enjoy mornings more...

see a video from my new camera, uploaded to google video

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