Thursday, March 09, 2006

jimmy carter and george bush got it right

The forces of rationality lost another one today to the forces of politically inspired stupidity, as the Dubai Ports World was forced to divest its holdings in the US Ports.

The combined forces of Jimmy Carter, NPR and the Economist who all thought the deal was unquestionably a good thing as well as a veto threat by George Bush couldn't stand up to the combined political pressure by senators from both parties (led by among others Hillary Clinton who loses all moral high ground on this one), abetted by Lou Dobbs on CNN openly mocking anyone who would suggest that the port deal is a good idea.

It is not just a blow against free trade, and against all rational sense (NPR lined up dozens of experts, and only one had reservations about the deal. The politicians could find no expert that supported their opinion), but also it was a chance to show the Arab world that in the US, freedom and trade outweigh petty tribal disputes. That we live in such a Cosmopolitan society that until the likes of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer stepped in, an Arab company running parts of major US ports would have gone completely unnoticed.


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