Monday, December 05, 2005

cafe musings of the college bound

I was sitting in a little French bakery, La Douce France, sipping espresso and enjoying a blackberry tart, with a copy of the economist, my ipod for the moment turned off from Death Cab for Cutie, to enjoy the sound of french easy listening christmasy music, the chattering grey-haired ladies-who-lunch gabbing in Spanish, and two twin indian girls, soliciting a well-heeled elderly gentleman for a college recommendation.

That caught my attention. The well-practiced, college interview speech, the focused pre-meds-to-be with already the perfectly crafted resume, the appropriate extra-curriculars, the excitement about diverse knoweldge, but still the early laser focus on medicine, in these high school seniors. Exciting times. It is a process that I still read about avidly when articles show up in Time or the New York Times. Probably because, I, like those girls, devoted a huge amount of effort and mental faculties to the process. Though maybe I will still write that paper on education some day.

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