Friday, December 10, 2004

divertissements - diversions

I have a lot of hobbies I noticed. At most of them, I am either the worst of those who are good, or the best of those who suck. Like I play clarinet for various Stanford musical theater productions. I'm typically the worst musician there, but passable at least. I still play a couple times a year, so I'm better than the great majority of those who played in high school and then gave it up.

At hockey, a bunch of us absolute beginners started playing a couple years ago. After a bunch of ringers started playing, I'm one of the only one of the original gang that still comes. So I'm better than all those beginners, but the worst one there now.

At chess, I'm good enough to know how bad I am, which is quite a feat. I know what a queen's gambit acepted is, and the importance of initiative, but that doesn't stop me from losing the initiative to Adam every time we play, and for him to whoop my butt every time.

Anyway, I only bring these up because last week, for these things. My mind was largely occupied with my own research (I gave a seminar at the end of it), and so I got crushed at chess, and poker, and had a shitty performance.

But this week, seminar over, brain unoccupied, I kicked ass at poker (won $45), did well against adam at chess (won like 2 out of 6 games, twice as many as I've ever won against him before), and had a kickass performance as the clarinetist for Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS pinafore.
ok, enough babbling.

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