Sunday, November 07, 2004

The GI and the Chocalate Bar

In a recent NYTimes artlce, there is the following quote:

"he developed a love for all things American when tanks rolled into Paris and G.I.'s rained chocolate and chewing gum on children like himself."

I always loved that image. In one of Stephenson's books (i think), an old Japanese executive is deeply loyal to the US, because as a child during WWII, after being told of the monstrosities he is told to expect, his first encounter with a GI is with a chocalate bar. The other similar image is the end of Life is Beautiful (one of my favorite movies), as the boy with such a beaming smile is pulled up onto the tank...

I suppose it was fantasies about this image that led to misexpectations in Iraq, but it is a nice image nevertheless.
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